Hi Everyone,   Here are the scores for Week 4!   REMEMBER . . . TWO WEEKS OFF . . . WE PICK UP ON JANUARY 7, 2021.

                                                                                      Happy Holidays!                                                                                      Peter Gantz, LRPC Director                                                                                 Shotgun League Chairman


Shotgun League:  Trap, Week 6

Hi Everyone,

   We had a great day for clay shooting!
Seven squads shot for Week 6.
Lots of friendly shooting…lots of fun…lots of Fellowship!

GOOD NEWS…the North Trap House is fixed!!!
Two weeks of League shooting (13 Squads) without a failure!

Shotgun League:  5-Stand, Week 8

Hi Everyone,

We had a big turnout for the last week of placing scores.  There was also a great Spirit of Fellowship!

Congratulations to:  Cole Sellers (1st Place), Bill Campbell (2nd Place), Ruben Garcia (3rd Place) 
and John Mann (4th Place)!

Shotgun Throwback…Remembering the Old Days!

Shotgun League: Trap, Week 8

Hi Everyone,

Final scores for the Trap League are in…see below!

                                                               NEXT:  5-Stand League, starting April 09, 2020  
Peter Gantz

Shotgun League: Skeet, Week 8

Hi Everyone,

Well, it was quite a ‘unique” shoot for Week 8.
The birds were exhibiting very strange flight patterns, due to high gusting winds.

(We will be ready to start shooting at 3PM)

Peter Gantz



Shotgun League: Trap, Week 8

Well . . . the final shoot for the Trap League is finished . . . we had a good turn out . . . and the final scores are below.

Next week we will have our “Fun Shoot” . . . followed by our Dinner. Lets start around 4 PM if you can make it by then.

Note: A special congratulations goes to 3 shooters who, during the weeks, shot a perfect 25:   

John Mann Robin Wickman David Schmidt (during a practice round)

It was good to see Miguel Ingles who was there for the final shoot . . . 23, 23, and 22 (good shooting!)

NEXT LEAGUE WILL BE SKEET! It will begin November 7

If you remember, we were going to shoot Skeet instead of Trap . . . however, the swampiness of the Skeet and 5-stand Ranges made it impossible.

Shotgun League: 5-Stand, Week 8

Hi Everyone,

We had a great Last Week of the 5-Stand League. Two folks shot 5 rounds each to catch up . . . Now that was showing off the old staying power!!!

Next Thursday, August 15 will be the week of our Dinner following our “Fun Shoot” time. Fun shoot should start around 3:30 PM.

We had a great League shoot time, trying out the New 5 Stand. Everyone loved it, and can’t wait for it to be finished.

After much discussion, it has been decided that the next League will be Skeet, and will begin August 29. 2019. This should give us enough time for the “Rainy Season” to draw to a close, which was the major down-side to Parking, and the Loading and Setting up of the 5 Stand Traps.

I would like to give a special thanks to Mike Pitsikoulis and Bill Campbell for all your work keeping the Traps working, sighted in , and loaded. Thanks also to Gary Coleman for keeping us in Clays, and mowing in the muck!

Peter Gantz

Shotgun League – Trap, Week 8

The conclusion to a very successful Trap Cycle. Mike Pitsikoulis held on to win this trap competition. It should also be noted that Dan Egbert has significantly improved to have come in second. Congratulations to all league members, for all of you finished the league. That shows commitment to the sport.

I am passing the reins of league chairman to Peter Gantz. Please support him as you supported me. I will be taking a longer sabbatical than usual. After 4 ½ years at the helm, I need a break. Thank you all for all the help you have given me.

The next scheduled cycle will be 5-Stand beginning June 6th, with a break ½ way through for the Fourth of July. Celebrate this day with safety and remembrance of what it took to obtain freedom.  Once lost, history shows it is very hard to regain.

This Thursday evening is only for League members as listed below. It is fun and party night. Next week I start my long needed rest.

Thanks to all,



Shotgun League:  5-Stand, Week 8

Hi all,

Congratulations to Jim Odle for shooting the only 25 straight of this cycle, tacking high gun honors for the week, and winning the league. With 14 rounds for score and 17 for practice (not all practice rounds were shot by league members), a good time was had by all. Next week is the fun night and party for the league members. Then I will take my sabbatical week.

The new cycle will start on March 21, 2019. We will be shooting Trap on the North Field. I am hoping I will be able to hold a clinic for those who need a little help getting on target. Trap is the ideal venue to do this as I can set the machine to throw straight away targets. From the 5 stations, folks will be able to see when to pull the trigger and follow through. Bring a couple extra boxes of shells to participate. For those shooting trap, I will see you in three weeks.

For those shooting the fun night, I’ll see you next Thursday.