Rifle Matches:

100 Yard CMP High Power

At Lakeland Rifle and Pistol Club, we have 20 lanes for position shooting and 20 lanes for benchrest shooting. We have some of the best benches of solid concrete that provide the ultimate stability for those precision shooting matches. At LRPC, we have various rifle matches, with the two most popular being the Rimfire Benchrest and 100 Yard NRA High Power.

100 Yard NRA Approved CMP Highpower Matches:

Dates: First Sunday of each month January through April and October through December for a total of seven (7) matches
Times: An M1 Garand stripping and cleaning clinic starts at 9:00am along with a briefing of the course of fire afterwards. Match starts at 10:00am

Classification: NRA classification will be used. Unclassified competitors will compete in the highest class represented. Categories at the discretion of the match director

Rules: Latest published NRA rules. Competitors will frame the targets
Equipment: As prescribed in the NRA rule book under service rifle and/or match rifle (must be able to reload in rapid fire per rule 9.220) NO SCOPES or any other optics will be used.

Challenges: $1.00 each, refunded if won. Use of plug scoring devices limited to range personnel only.

  • Course of fire: 50 shots, National Match Course Modified. Match starts in position. Unlimited sighting shot in 10 minutes before match
  • Course #1: 10 shots for record, slow fire standing (offhand) at 100 yards. Time limit 10 minutes, target SR-1 no slings
  • Course #2: 10 shots for record, rapid fire sitting or kneeling at 100 yards. Time limit 60 second, target SR-1
  • Course #3: 10 shots for records, rapid fire prone at 100 yards. Time limit 70 seconds, target SR-21
  • Course #4: 20 shots for records, slow fire prone at 100 yards. Time limit 20 minutes, target MR-31
  • Open bolt indicators will be used by all competitors. Match results can be sent via e-mail or checked online.
  • LRPC Range rules govern all matches

LRPC Rimfire Benchrest,  2018/2019

Accent RifleThis match as been designed to involve as many rimfire rifle shooters as practical.  Matches are open to club members only.  Members are encouraged to bring a guest as well as contact new members for additional club involvement.


Match Fees:  $10.00-members; $5.00-juniors; and $15.00-guests

Registration:  8:00-8:20AM.  Sight-in no later than 9:00AM.


Saturday Match Dates:                                                                                                          

2018:  October 20th, November 17th and December 15th              2019:  January 26th, February 16th and March 16th

Rifle Classes

(1) Light:  Any 22LR caliber rifle weighing 8½ pounds or less. Maximum 12 power scope. [Variable scope set at 12 power]
(2) Heavy:  Any 22LR caliber rifle weighing 15 pounds or less. Maximum 24 power scope.  [Variable scope set at 24 power]
(3) Open Sights: 
Any rimfire rifle using open sights,any weight.


(A) 22 long rifle caliber only. Rifles can be single shot or magazine fed

(B) One front shooting pedestal with a sand type filled bag. One rear support with a sand type filled bag. No return-to-battery support systems or one piece rests

(C) Spotting scopes allowed

(D) No wind flags allowed

(E) Ammo limited to a cost of $13.00 per 50 round box. (honor system)

(F) Semi-auto rifles must have a brass catcher

Eye and ear protection is MANDATORY!

50 Yard Course of Fire                                                                                                                                                                                       First Stage:  Sight in target, fifteen minute time limit.

Three stages for record.  Fifteen minutes per stage (four record bulls for 5-rounds each and one sighter bull).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Scoring of targets will be handled by score keeper.  Targets will be returned to participants at end of match.  Match results will be e-mailed as soon as possible.

Awards will be given for best 5 out of 6 matches at the LRPC annual banquet.

Contact match director Joe Ruth for further information at 863-859-3036, or