July Postal Pistol Match

June Postal Pistol Match

3/14/2020 Pistol Match

The March pistol match started under great weather conditions with no frost evident.  Shooting started at 0840 and ended one hour later.  Match was
12 yard combo, three each 40/60 paper pin and rapid fire five target.  All 27 strings of fire were five rounds in ten seconds.  Turnout of only nine paying shooters was very low and some of the top shooters were absent, knocking them way down on the YTD rankings.  Hopefully, they can make it to the 11 April match, which will probably be under cover at 25 yards – paper silhouette and 400 bullseye.
The range was in great shape due to efforts of Gary Coleman.  Range support was ably handled by Russell Gantz.  Diana Eyman proficiently handled photography and score cards.

20/40 PAPER PIN-MAX SCORE 20-20X:  Rimfire, Linda Hover, 20-13; Centerfire, Pat Clark, 19-3; Revolver, Mike Fulbright, 19-5; Carbine, William Voss, 20-19.
RAPID FIRE FIVE TARGET – MAX SCORE 25-25X:  Centerfire, Margaret Clark, 21-2; Revolver, Richard Eyman, 25-8; Carbine, Shawn Maguire.

We still have FIVE shooters in top YTD place.  Mike Musick and George Cater have dropped to second place having only shot in two matches.

11/09/19 Pistol Match

A 12 yard paper combo match was fired instead of the scheduled mini pin match due to very wet ground. Sporadic light rains stopped by 0830 and the 12 yard match commenced. The 11 shooters enjoyed the brisk weather. One shooter completed his blue card.

Match ran very smoothly due to efforts of the shooters and the unique talents of Diana Eyman, Mike Hover, Allen Keefer and Bob Hromalik. The esteemed Rich Korscog could not make it as his oxygen hose would not reach from Tampa over to the range.

Three each 20/40 paper pin and rapid fire 5 target matches were fired, 20 and 25 total rounds each respectively. All five shot strings were 10 second duration with shooters’ arms extended down 45 degrees starting position.

January gun show signup sheet was made available. Match fees less expenses were a draw. Winners from this month have a much better chance of winning the Annual top shooter prizes which will be handed out at December match. The top three shooters will receive full bricks of CCI LR! Ties may mean more prizes.

Final match of the year on 12/14 will be the popular real mini pins. You shoot them, you hit them, they fall over! Much more fun than paper!

RESULTS; 20/40 Paper Pin (20/20 max)-Rimfire: Mike Musick tied the record with a perfect 20/20; Center Fire: Mike Fulbright-19/13; Revolver: Richard Eyman-20/11; Carbine: Shawn Maguire 24-27 Rapid fire 5 target (25-25 max)-Centerfire: Pat Clark 25-6 (His first max hit); Revolver: Linda Hover 22-4; Carry: Bill Wilson 13/2; and carbine: Benjamin Gray 23/1.

10/12/19 Pistol Match


Great match, best weather since March.  Eighteen shooters, one blue card completed, another blue card signed. Two of our top shooters did not attend, so the YTD rankings made more shifts. Mike Musick remains top scorer.

Match was repeat of September, 25 yard combo of 20/60 paper pine and paper silhouette. Both were 20 rounds each split between 10 and 20 second strings.   The new prize combos were popular awards.

Match ran smoothly due to the shooters, range help Allen Keefer/Mike Hover and photographer/scorekeeper/Sgt at arms Diana Eyman. Range was in great shape due to Gary Coleman.

November match will be real bowling pins at 12 yards.   We have 18 firing positions on which ten pens will be placed. First 10 pens are timed 20 second fire, reset of pins for second 10 will be rapid fire 10 seconds. You hit target-it fall over! Piece of cake, hard to miss! 

RESULTS: 20/60 PAPER PIN-max score 20-20X: rimfire Mike Musick 20-15; centerfire Pat Clark 14-0: Revolver Richard Eyman 18-5; Carry Bill Wilson 8-1; and carbine Neil Munson 15-3. PAPER SILHOUETTE max score         200-20X: rimfire Jordan Mason 193-3; revolver Linda Hover 182-1; carry Tim Huffman 81-0; carbine Mike Fulbright 181-1.

09/14/19 Pistol Match

Another great match with great weather and a refreshing breeze.  Fifteen paid shooters with one blue card completed and handed in to the club office. Also, a record match time starting at 0845 and finished by 0930! First match was over before 0900. It’s great when the plan goes together smoothly with minimal delays. Joe Ruth commented on this at the special election meeting-The regular shooters make it happen!

Diana Eyman capably handled the scorekeeping and photography while Mike Hover and Bob Hromalik handled the firing line. The firing line and targets were in great shape thanks to Gary Coleman. 

For those who missed the special meeting, Paul Thielen won the secretary position and Peter Gantz won the director position. There are still a few vacancies for the September gun show, mainly on takedown. Call club office for openings.

Two complete 25yard paper silhouette and 20/60 paper pin matches were fired for a total of 1200 rounds. Match expenses were $88, fees were $150, and net to club was $62. YTD costs are $902, fees are $1380, and net is $478.

Results: 20/60 Pin match, max score 20/20: rimfire Mike Musick 20-16; Revolver Linda Hover 18-5; Carbine William Voss 20-11.: Paper Silhouette, max score 200-20X: rimfire Jordan Mason; Centerfire Mike Fulbright 163-1; Revolver Richard Eyman 181-5 and carbine Shawn Maguire 191-6.

October 12 match will be repeat of September. Top five places are Mike Musick, Shawn Maguire, Richard Eyman, Jordan Mason and Mike Fulbright.

8/10/19 Pistol Match

December Pistol Match

Diana Eyman did the photography and scoring. Rich Korscog and Allen Keefer did the range control. Gary Coleman got the range in great shape.

Pat and Margaret attended as observers after his bovine heart surgery. We had to keep him from grazing the grass due to the ant poison/feed. Margaret wore her holiday jingle/jiggle hat. Video of Margaret and Diana jiggling available upon request!

October Pistol Match

August Pistol Match    (Hover your mouse on the slide show to pause it.)


Special thanks to Gary Coleman for getting the range in great shape despite the daily rains. Helpers were Don Sharp, Allen Keefer, and Rich Korscog. Diana Eyeman did a great job in sorting out the 110+ scorecards and deriving the top 8 shooters.

The match was inaugural 25 yard combo of paper silhouette and 20/60 paper pinmatches.   Three each were fired.   We had 19 shooters to include one junior.   Four blue cards were signed. 24 separate five shot strings were fired and each shooter turned in up to six score cards.  Shooting started right before 0900 and ended by 1000 hours.   Expenses included ~ $35 in targets and ~$80 for the eight awards.  Match fees of $180 yielded ~$65 net .
The Musick clan again did very well gathering three of the awards. There were at least three 20 scores on the pin matches
25 YARD PAPER SILHOUETTE-max score 200-20X
22 rimfire auto-Mike Musick Jr 190-5; centerfire-Mike Musick 192-6; revolver-Richard Eyeman 184-2; carry-Mike Holt 96-1; and carbine-Neil Muson 177-5.
25 YARD 20/60 PAPER PIN-Max score 20-20X
22 rimfire auto-Parker Musick 20-7; revolver-Tom Steffes  18-5; Carbine –Ryan Guidice 20-11.
September 10 match will be a repeat of the August match.
Gun Show signup still has vacancies.   Call the club for openings.
YTD Summary
24 points    MUSICK
21              SMITH
18              GUIDICE R, MUSICK P, STEFFES
12              MAGUIRE
11               FULBRIGHT
9                MUSICK JR, EYEMAN
                  VOSS, CREECH, HOLT, MUNSON, MASON,
                  SCHUNEMANN J, BARBUCK
2                SCHUNEMANN M, WYLIE

July Pistol Match    (Hover your mouse on the slide show to pause it.)

Inaugural 25 yard combo match with 20/60 paper pin targets was a big success. We had a full firing line with 20 shooters starting out with the 50 round bullseye. This was followed by three complete matches of the 20/60 paper pin match.

Special thanks to Rich Korscog for general range control. Niki Musick handled the photography, and Diana Eiman along with Ginger Porterfield sorted out the 80 score cards.

We had about 8 new shooters and four blue cards. Shooting started ~0900 and was done by 1015. The 20/60 pin match saw few perfect scores, so it appears practice needs to be a higher priority for many of the shooters. Expenses were ~$120, fees were $190, so net profit was $70.

50 round/500 point bullseye-max score 500-50X
rimfire-Parker Musick 466-9X; centerfire-Jim Weinreich 268-1; Revolver Tom Steffes 447-9; Carry -Michael Barbuck 210-1; and Carbine Pete Smith 465-12.

rimfire-Mike Musick 20-11; Revolver-Mike Fulbright 17-2; and carbine-Blake Meineke 18-2.

There are still about half of the slots open for the September gun show.

August 13 match will be 25 yard combo-paper silhouette and 20/60 paper pin.

June Pistol Match

We had another great match with record time done shooting.   Started shooting at 0845, completed by 1000 hours.  Outstanding- considering we had four blue cards of which two finished up their requirements.

Match was 25 yard combo with timed five target and paper silhouette.  14 paid shooters, three each complete matches fired, 8 awards, 84 score cards, 27 X 20 second firing strings and reloads, 1900 rounds fired.  Expenses were ~$105, fees were $140, profit was $35.
Special thanks to the range masters  Rich Korscog and Allen Keefer.  Very special thanks to Diana Eyman for sorting out all the scorecards and getting them right the first time, which is probably a record.  The range was again in great shape due to efforts of Gary Coleman.
Timed five target:  rimfire (record is 25-11) Bill Robinson 17-4; centerfire (record is 24-4)William Voss 8-1; Revolver (record is 25-9)Richard Eyman 12-1; Carbine(record is 23-1) Pete Smith 21-2.
Paper Silhouette:  rimfire (record of198-8) Mike Musick 197-12;centerfire (record of 194-7) Shawn Maguire 103-0; revolver (record of 192-5) Tom Steffes 190-5; and carbine (breaking old Maguire record of 189-4 ) Ryan Guidice 194-10
Year to date is really stringing out due to no shows……
  2016 YTD TOTAL    
15  GUIDICE R    
September gun show signup sheet is available with very few entries.
A new match will be tried out in July-paper bowling pin 25 yard  Hit or miss scoring with a 2″ circle in middle for X count and ties.  20 rounds total, 10 rounds each timed and rapid fire- (5 rounds in 20, repeat, 5 rounds in 10 seconds, repeat). Bowling pin image is 13 inches tall by 3.75″ base.   Piece of cake!  Perfect score will be 20-20X.
We will combine with traditional 25 yard, 50 round bullseye match.

May Pistol Match    


The match was held Saturday under ideal conditions.  We had 17 shooters, one junior, four blue cards of which one finished all requirements. Match was 25/50 yard combo, 50 yard silhouette and 25 yard 30 round bullseye.  Seven awards were given, and some new records were made.  Expenses were ~$100, fees were $160, and net was $60.

Two each matches were fired for a total of 1800 rounds.   The Musick clan won three prizes.  Special thanks to Rich Korscog for his assistance.

50 yard silhouette,20 rounds, 200-20X max score:  There were no rimfire winners as all the shooters won in the other categories.   Center fire-Richard Eyeman 94-0; Carbine-Pete Smith 177-2.

25 yard bullseye  30 rounds, 300-30X max score:   Rimfire Mike Musick Jr 290-9x; CF-Shawn Maguire 183-1; Revolver-Parker Musick 269-5; Carry RECORD Mike Musick 269.5; and carbine RECORD Ryan Giudice 279-7.

June 11 pistol match will be 25 yard combo-paper silhouette and timed five target, all five rounds in 20 seconds.

Year to date standings show some real competition, and the two vying for 2nd place are youngsters.










April Pistol Match         The Contestants – – – – v    


The delayed April match was held 4/16 under great conditions.   Club clans did quite well, and performance records were met and even remade with higher scores.  Match started well before 0900, proceeded well, and the final match was fired shortly after 1000 hours.   Win/Win.

Rich Korscog and Allen Keefer provided outstanding support for the match.   We sorely missed Mike Hover scoring as well as Linda shooting.

The numbers:  One record tied, one blue card completed, two new records set, two juniors shooting, three each matches fired (12 yard silhouette & rapid fire five target), four blue cards signed, 10 awards, 19 shooters, 72 degrees, 105 score cards and 2230 rounds fired.

The Musick clan won three awards, as well as setting one new record.  Giudice clan won two awards, and set one record.  Some very high scores were noted with very few points and even x-count determining the winners.  YTD  rankings showed a lot of movement.


12 YARD SILHOUETTE- 200-20X MAX SCORE:  Rimfire-Mike Musick broke his old 200-18 record with a 200-20; CF Shawn Maguire 165-0; Revolver-Parker Musick 197-9; Carry-Pat Clark 172-3 with his new Walther; Carbine-Ryan Giudice tied his standing record with a 200-19!

RAPID FIRE FIVE TARGET-25-25x MAX SCORE:  Rimfire-Mike Fulbright 20-2; CF-Blake Meinecke 12-0; Revolver-Dominic Giudice 22-6; Carry-Jack Mason(Musick) 15-0; and carbine-Pete Smith beat his old record of 25-9 with a 25-16.

May 14 match will be 25 and 50 yard  combo.

March Pistol Match

MAR1Combo 12 yard match was held today with full firing line and great weather. We had 21 shooters, ~ 6 first timers, and several blue cards were signed. Our regular scorer Mike Hover was not available as he is at VA hospital for some major surgery-Rich Korscog has the details. Rich Korscog and Allen Keefer helped run the match.

Mike Musick beat his old record of 25-17X in rimfire rapid fire five target with a 25-19X-Maximum is 25-25. Musick dynasty had three winners today, to include Mike Musick Jr in revolver five target and Parker Musick in rimfire silhouette. Ten awards were given.

Match Results:
12 yard paper silhouette, max score 200-20X: Rimfire-Parker Musick 198-11; centerfire Brian T Taylor 158; Revolver Dominic Guidice 195-7; Carry Tom Steffes 173; and Carbine, Pete Smith 197-8.
12 yard five target, max score 25-25X: Rimfire Mike Musick 25-19; Centerfire Mike
Ramsey 10; Revolver Mike Musick Jr 22-4; Carry Pat Clark 10; and carbine Shawn Maguire 16-0.

YTD figures have three people in top place:
2016 YTD 2016 YTD TOTAL

There are still about 20 open slots for the gun show, which is the SECOND week of the month. The April pistol match will be the THIRD weekend of the month, and it will be the popular 12 yard combo.
We need bricks of 22 ammo for prizes. If you find any non premium ammo (less than ~$0.08 per round, buy it and I will reimburse. We need more CCI Std velocity which should be around $0.09/round if it becomes available. I need receipts. We try to hand out one brick per month, but supplies are running low!
One of February match shooters lost a magazine for a High Standard. If you find it, notify Wally Defreitas.

February Pistol Match



We had an exceptional pistol match today with record turnout and number of blue cards signed. We were also honored by the presence of numerous LRPC celebrities, to include president Tom Steffes, president candidate Josh Bolger, Web site manager and board candidate Bill Campbell, safety committee chair Rich Korscog, and board candidates Dominic Guidice and Allen Keefer. Attendees included Camp Perry sharpshooters Mike and Jen Schunemann. The guys that make things happen, Gary Coleman and predecessor Ronnie Davis, also were present. We managed to get the match going by 0915 despite an all time record turnout of 31 shooters (for 18 positions), VIPS, and match novices in abundance. Weather was ideal. Shooting was over by 1100. Special thanks to Rich Korscog and Allen Keefer for match assistance, Gary Coleman for transporting match setup materials, and Bill Campbell for photography and score keeping.
Seven complete 20 round mini pin matches were fired, with ~120 separate score cards. Each shooter fired at least 3 complete matches.

Only three perfect scores of 20 out of 20 pins were fired, by Mike Musick in 22 RF and Pete Smith and Ryan Guidice in Carbine. Mike declined that 20 score to make a 19 score record in carry, beating the old record by 2. Musick clan won two prizes, as did the Schunemans.

Carry- Record- Mike Musick 19, Kevin Wylie 12.
Rimfire- Tie of 19 by Keith Fredriksen and Parker Musick.
Centerfire- Jen Schuneman 15, favorite husband Mike 14
Revolver-Tom Steffes 18, Mike Fulbright 12
Carbine-Tie of max score 20 by Ryan Guidice and Pete Smith

April gun show signup is about 50% full. Board and officer election is coming up March 2. Future of club is in members’ hands…..Get involved and vote!.

April pistol match will be THIRD weekend due to Lakeland Center snubbing of LRPC 20+ year tradition of third weekend shows. Gun show will be 2nd weekend, not third. LRPC officers and board members have more information regarding this matter …….

YTD results after two months:


January Pistol Match

The 2016  pistol competition had a great start on Saturday with great weather and 21 shooters.   Lineup included one junior, and  3 blue cards. Match was 12 yard combo, which consisted of three each paper silhouette and rapid fire five target.  We only shoot 20 rounds paper silhouette due to inability to score any more rounds, and max score is 200-20X.   Rapid fire five target max score is 25-25X.   All 12 yard shooting in these matches is done in 5 shot/10 second strings, starting out with arm down at a 45 degree angle.

Rich Korscog and Allen Keefer provided excellent range officer duties. Scores were exceptionally high, as noted below.

First thing, special thanks to Mike Hover for sorting out the ~117 score cards to determine the 8 award winners.   Further complicating the sorting was Mike Musick setting three separate new records, but he could only claim one, which was 12 yard silhouette carry with a192-5, surpassing the Pete Smith record of 186-1.  Mike also shot a rimfire silhouette of 200-19 (record is Mike with a 200-18), and a rapid fire five target rimfire score of  25-18 (record is Mike with 25-17.  Other record setters were Ryan Guidice shooting a 200-18 in silhouette carbine, beating his previous record of 200-18; and Pete Smith shooting a rapid fire five target carbine 25-9X, beating his old record of 25-7.

Linda Hover started out the silhouette match with a 200-13 score in rimfire, winning that category.   Mike Creech won center fire with 180-0; Tom Steffes won revolver with 199-3; Mike Music won carry with the 192-5 record; and Ryan Guidice won   carbine with his record 200-19.

In rapid fire five target, Keith Frederickson won rimfire with a 15-10X; Mike Fulbright won revolver with 19-1; and Pete Smith won carbine with the record 25-9.

February 13 match will be 20/60 pin match.   20 pins in 60 seconds.   Our best reactive match!  All eight winners are now even with 3 points each for the annual championship

Gun show signup still has a dozen vacancies.   Call club house to fill them in.

December Pistol Match

Final match of the year was held 12/12.   Turnout of 23 was highest of the year. Match was 12 yard combo.   23 shooters, one junior, about three blue cards, about 6 newbies, 3 female shooters,  2185 rounds fired, 6 complete matches were fired.

Special thanks to Mike Hover for sorting out the 119 score cards and ascertaining the 8 winners for the match.  Rich Korsog and Doug McCutcheon officiated.
Scores were very good for the match.   Mike Musick set two new records, but only one would count as only one  score/shooter is allowed.  Musick clan did win 3 of the 8 awards.  Ryan Guidice also set a new record for silhouette carbine.
Rapid fire five target- 25-25X max score:  RF-Mike Musick jr 25-10; CF Mike Musick new record of 25-15X;  Carry-Mike Fulbright 14-0; and carbine-Pete Smith 23-7.
12 yard paper silhouette- 200-20X max score:  RF Pat Clark 195-7; CF Shawn Maguire 149-0; Revolver-Parker Musick 197-3; and Carbine-Ryan Guidice 200-15, beating his old record of 200-11 the previous month.
January 9 match will be the same match.   We still have over 30 vacancies for the gun show.
We lost three of our regular shooters this year:   Fred Seltman, Don  Davis, and John Czariki.  We had previously lost David McCall, Al Waters and Dave Williamson.   It was a pleasure knowing these people and getting the opportunity to enjoy shooting with them.
Special thanks to our helpers, to include Rudi Seltman, Don Sharp, Rich Korsog, Allen Keefer, Mike Hover, Doug McCutcheon, Jack Martin and others.   Many of our regular shooters do a great job in helping set up and shut down, to include the Musick clan, Dominic Guidice and  Pete Smith.  Our regular shooters make the matches run smoothly and safely.  Special thanks to Kit Duncan, Rich,  and Allen for donating supplies and prizes.  Bill Campbell has done a great job in updating the pistol portion of the club website.   Keeping the 50 yard line in great shape was done by Ronnie Davis and Gary Coleman. Neil Munson and Paul Thielan handled the administrative tasks and kept us in targets.  All those people helped make the pistol program a success. My apologies for not mentioning everyone who helped out.
11 Matches were shot with total of 191 shooters and 21k rounds fired, averaging 17 shooters per match.  880 score cards (and separate matches) were completed. The pistol caliber carbine category was added at the start of the summer and has been quite popular.
Financial- 2015 Cost and expenses can be found on the far right side of the Excel spreadsheet with estimated  targets, supplies, prizes, fees and profit columns.   Shooters pay $10 for each match, juniors shoot free.   Prizes are estimated as ~$8 each due to costs and donations.  Costs included ~ $260  in targets, $664 for 83 awards, and  $150 for annual prizes for total of $1074.  Shooter Fees of $1740 yielded net gain of $666 for the year, our best year yet.
Who’s the top shooters? 
To everyone’s surprise, Mike Musick won first place with 33 points. He also set at least five new top scores for the year.  His secret?  Show up for the matches (plus  practice).
Linda Hover  won second place with 26 points.   She is also the only female to reach the annual winners circle.   Attagirl Linda!
Dominic Guidice won third place with 21 points.   He has held back, obviously spending time teaching Ryan shooting techniques.
2015 Standings:
26   HOVER
15   SHUFF
   First place is three points, 2nd is 2, and 3rd is 1 point.

November Pistol Match

Match was 12 yard combo-paper silhouette and rapid fire five target. The regular match director was home recuperating from  cervical disc surgery.  Allen Keefer called the match, Rich Korsog assisted, and Mike Hover handled the 66 score cards. Mike Musick handled the logistics and Dominic Guidice coordinated the take down.   There were 12 shooters to include one junior.

Some very good shooting was reported to include three new records. In 12 yard silhouette (200-20X), centerfire, Mike Music beat his old record of 196-10 with a 199-17X.   Ryan Guidice set a all new carbine record of 200-11X, confirmed by Mike Music. In 12 yard silhouette carbine, Pete Smith set a new record with 25-7X  That is outstanding shooting!

The Musick and Guidice clans did quite well, taking half of the awards.

The scores:

12 yard silhouette:200-20X max:  rimfire, Wayne Shuff 198-10; Centerfire Mike Musick 199-17; Revolver Dominic Guidice 194-13; and carbine Ryan Guidice 200-11X

Rapid fire five target-25-25X max: rimfire Linda Hover 24-9; revolver Parker Musick 21-2; Carry Neil Munson 8-0; and carbine Pete Smith 25-7X

Final Pistol match of the year will be 12 yard combo on 12/12.

Year to Date top pistol competition  is getting very close but Mike Musick is handling the pressure well:


October Pistol Match

(Hover your mouse over a picture to stop the slide show.)

Match was combo 22 urethane silhouette and 20/60 pin.   We had 4 silhouette and 14 pin firing positions for total of 18, which matched the number of shooters.  Weather was overcast and not bad at all.  This was our first cool weather match since May.

Special thanks to Mike Hover for scoring.   Rich Korscog and Allen Keefer helped with match control.   Gary Coleman and Mike Musick tweaked  the 22 urethane target mountings after Gary leveled off the tops of some of the posts.   This was Gary’s first match and he had a good time.

The numbers:
1 blue card finished up, 1 junior shooting, 1 tie finish, 3 Musick clan winners, 6X 20 round matches fired, 7 perfect scores of 20, 7 prizes awarded, 98 score cards and 1960 rounds fired.
22 Silhouette- only 22 autos were fired.   Tom Fantozzi won with a 18/20.
20/60 pin- Lots of competition here, particularly later on during the match.
Rimfire:   Linda Hover and Mike Musick Jr both tied with a 20 max score.
Centerfire:  Mike Musick got 20.
Revolver:  Parker Musick-16
Carry:  Troy Coleman-13
Carbine-Shawn Maguire maxed with a 20.
November 14 match will be 12 yard combo-paper silhouette and rapid fire five target.
YTD standings are shifting due to top shooters being no – shows:
January gun show signup is at the club house.
A very important members meeting will be held this Wednesday 10/14 to  elect four new board members/officers.  There were four resignations at the last board meeting. This has to be done ASAP to comply with bylaws per Tom Steffes.   If you have been  satisfied with the board’s performance and treatment of members  the past few years, just stay home.  If not, your presence is necessary.  (Remember the past few presidential elections?)
My understanding of applicants interested in the various openings are Ronnie Davis, Rick Roach (for secretary), Allen Keefer, Dan Egbert, Jack Schubert, Josh Bolger (for VP) and Joe Ruth.
I found a Czariki clan picture from the April 2012 match  John, Joshua and Jessie are on the front row.   We are going to miss him!  He was a super nice guy and very talented with regards to repairing machinery as well as modifying firearms.    I’ve had a number of responses to the announcement.  I have copied Joshua’s email address if you wish to contact him:
april match

August Pistol Match

First thing, special thanks to Rudi Seltman, Rich Korsog, Allen Keefer and Ken Jardine for making it happen.

Match was inaugural 25/50 yard combo match with two each 50 yard, 20 round, 200 point paper silhouette matches and two each 25 yard, 30 round, 300 point bullseye. The abbreviated schedule facilitated end of shooting by 1030!

The numbers:
One junior shooter, 4 new shooters, 16 total shooters, 1480 rounds fired. Pistol program is about $550 to the good year to date. We have averaged 17 shooters per match, which helps out the finances considerably. Details are available on the right side of the excel spreadsheet.

50 yard/20 round silhouette with 200-20X max score:
22 auto-Linda Hover 172-0; Revolver-Dominic Guidice 146-0.
25 yard/30 round bullseye with 300-30X max score:
22 auto- Mike Musick 296-13X; Revolver Richard Eyeman 248-0; carbine Allen Keefer 260-9.

Year to date:

2015 YTD

There are still over 50 slots open for the September gun show.

Seeing how it was quite steamy today, the next match will also be a covered summer match…September pistol match will be 25 yard combo-paper silhouette and timed five target. Bring up to 6 guns and 135 rounds of ammo. The carbine shooters have a long way to go to catch up with the pistol top scores.

July Pistol Match


We had another great match with a full shooting line this past Saturday.  Match was 25 yard combo which has paper silhouette (200-20X max) and timed five target (25-25X max).  Special thanks to Rudi Seltman, Allen Keefer and Rich Korscog for their expertise and efforts.

The numbers:  One new record- Mike Musick in center fire paper silhouette with a 192-10 beating Wayne Shuff’s previous record of 189-4 (out of 200-20X possible 20 shooters;   two juniors: three blue cards; 82 degrees on startup ; 103 score cards to determine the best of up to 10 winners; 2265 rounds fired in five different classes:  rimfire auto-center fire auto-revolver-carry-carbine.

The winners:  Paper silhouette-CF Mike Musick with the record 192-10; RF Mike Musick Jr with a 191-6; Revolver Dominic Guidice 174-4.; and carbine Fred Seltman 187-4.

Timed five target– Rimfire Linda Hover 18-1; carry Troy Coleman 9-1; and  carbine Wayne Shuff 23-1.

August 8 match will be 25 and 50 yard bullseye.   The 50 yard is 20 rounds in 10 minutes.  The 25 yard is 50 rounds- 10 slow fire in 10 minutes, 20 timed fire in 20 second segments, and 20 rapid (or Don Sharp’s ragged fire) rounds in 10 second segments.   We typically fire two each matches, and shooting is done about 1100.

If the interest is there, we can make it a 30 round/300 point (instead of 50/500) match by just shooting one each slow, timed and rapid fire segments, thereby reducing four targets and respective scoring per match. This should save about 30 minutes.   Let me know!

Special congratulations on 7/4 Family Fun shoot  to the Musick clan for winning first and second place teams-The Musick Juniors outshot the old fogies Musicks..   Third place went to Scattergunners.

September gun show signup sheet is available at the clubhouse.

Match pictures and a video will be sent out later.

2015 Pistol Summary has been updated to include carbine category.   YTD rankings have been quite fluid:

18 Points: Musick

14 Points: Hover

12 Points: Guidice, Seltman

9 Points: Shuff

8 Points: Maguire; Musick, M. Jr.

7 Points: Fulbright



We had a full house today with 18 shooters, to include five with carbines.  Match was 50 and 25 yard bullseye.   Shooting started at 0900 and ended at 1100 with two each matches fired.  Top score of the day was Mike Musick with a rimfire 492-21X, the record of 496-29X is held by Mike.   The carbine shooters must have done some practice, as their scores went up significantly.

50 yard– 200-20X bullseye   20 rounds in 10 minutes: rimfire-Linda Hover 168-2; centerfire-Wayne Shuff 171-1; revolver-Dominic Guidice 163-1; and carbine Blake Meinecke 176-3.

25 yard-500-50X, slow, timed and rapid fire: rimfire-Mike Musick 492-21; carbine Fred Seltman 458-13

July 11 match will be 25 yard combo-paper silhouette and timed five target.   All four classes, 5 rounds in 20 seconds.

Year to date has Mike Musick in the lead….

15 Points: Musick

11 Points: Hover

9 Points: Guidice, Seltman

8 Points: Maguire

7 Points: Fulbright

6 Points: Meinecke, Shuff


Another great match with an overflow of eager marksmen!  22+ shooters, to include 2 mothers, one junior, bunch of new shooters, and one blue card.  We ended up with one silhouette and 4 timed five target matches fired.

Special thanks to master scorekeeper Rudi Seltman, match caller Don Sharp, timer Margaret Clark, and expert line watchers Allen Keefer and Rich Korsog.   Rich was hard to see due to his Polish Army surplus camouflage outfit.

Match was 25 yard combo, which includes paper silhouette with 200-20X max score as well as timed five target with 25-25X max score.  A pistol caliber carbine  class was tried out for the first time with two shooters participating.  We need at least four shooters per match to make it a new class.   Scores were lower than anticipated due in part to lack of off hand practice.   But, it was fun!

Mike Music broke his old paper silhouette revolver record of 190-6 with an outstanding 192-5.     He also scored at least one 25 out of 25 on timed five target.  Grandson Parker Musick won rimfire silhouette with 186-2, Blake Meinecke won center fire auto with 109-4, and Fred Seltman won carry with 126-1.

Linda Hover got back into the winner’s circle with a five target rimfire score of 21-2, Carlos Cardona won center fire with 11-0, Dominic Guidice won revolver with 18-1, and Bob Hebert won carry with 8-0.

June 13 match will be 50 and 25 yard bullseye, 20 and 50 rounds respectively.

President Jack Martin announced 50 yard range will be closed indefinitely due to range repairs, tentative opening date is 5/17. The 100 yard range will be closed 5/12-18.

2015 YTD results:

12 Points: Musick M.

8 Points: Maguire, Hover

7 Points: Fulbright

6 Points: Guidice, Seltman

5 Points: Musick P., Musick Jr.

3 Points: Campaneria, Shuff, Hebert, Clark P., Clark M., Guarino, Coleman, Cardona, Meinecke



We had another great action match. This was our inaugural 22 silhouette and 20/60 pin match combo. The left side of the range was set up for 22 silhouette and the right side was pins, nine positions each.

Special thanks to Mike Musick, Pete Smith, and Jack Martin for emergency re-engineering our 22 silhouette mounts as all but one of the original mounts had vanished.  Jack and Rich Korsog helped out with the match, and Mike Hover helped sort out the 82 score cards to come up with the seven winners.

18 shooters attended, to include at least five first timers.  Five complete 20 round matches were fired with simultaneous 20 and 10 second strings for shooters on either side of the range.  Shooting ended at 1030.

The Musick clan again filled up much of the winners’ circle.   Perfect score was 20 for both matches.   Mike Musick won 22 auto silhouette with 20, followed by Mike Jr with 17.  In 20/60 pin match, Linda Hover  won 22 with 19, followed by Parker Musick with 17 and Mike Fulbright with a 14.   Center fire pin was won by our own master magician Luis Campaneria with 13, followed by Shawn Maguire -12.

Inexplicably, the shooters wished to return to our summer matches which are fired under cover for the May match.   May match will be 25 yard combo-paper silhouette and time five target.



We had our 12 yard combo match today with 15 shooters.   Weather was great.  Three shooter and two observer blue cards were signed. Attendees were advised on proper protocol to be followed when dealing with Board Member-elect Rich Korsog after his coronation on 4/3. Three each complete matches were fired with rapid fire five target and paper silhouette.  1950 shots were fired.

Don Sharp called the match, and Allen Keefer and Rich Korsog assisted. Match director Blount sorted out the 87 score cards. He was notified by a number of people that Rudi did the job much better….

A moment of silence was observed for Don Davis. He will be missed.

Paper Silhouette Rimfire (Max score is 200-20X)

We had a first ever husband/wife vying for first place. Pat and Margaret Clark both got a 193-6.  Record is Mike Musick with 200-16X.

Shawn Maguire won center fire with a 183-0, record is Mike musick with a 198-10.

Phillip Guarino won revolver with 181-3, record is Mike Musick with a 199-5.

Troy Coleman won carry with a 178-3, record is Pete Smith with 186-1.

Rapid fire (max score 25-25X) had some very good scores.

Mike Musick won rimfire with a 25-16, record is Mike with a 25-17.  Very close!

Dominic Guidice won revolver with a 24-7, record is MIke with a 25-16.

Mike Fulbright won carry with a 16-2, record is Mike with a 23-5.

Year To Date Rankings:

6 Points: Musick, Maguire, Fulbright

3 Points: Musick Jr., Shudd, Seltman, Clark P., Clark M. Guarino, Guidice, Coleman

2 Points: Hover, L.

April 11 match will be a first ever 12 yard combo of 22 silhouette and 20/60 pin.  The regular four classes will be open for the 20/60 pin, but the silhouettes will be 22 only.  The left side of range will be silhouette, and the right side will be pins.  Tentative classes for 22 will be 22 auto open, 22 auto optic, carry and revolver.



The first 2015 match was held Saturday under brisk conditions.   We had 14 shooters to include four Musicks, two juniors and one completed blue card.   Match was three each 12 yard paper silhouette and rapid fire five shot target. Scoring got a little complicated with the presence of a Mike Musick and Mike Musick Jr, who both placed.  Shooting started before 0900 and was over around 1000.   The highly trained cadre of Allen Keefer, Rich Korsog, and Rudi Seltman made everything happen.  Don Sharp was not present, as he was suffering from some serious case of crud.

The five target match with max score of 25-25X had some very good scores.   Mike Music JR won RF with  25-9, followed by Linda Hover with 25-6 and Pat Clark with 23-6.   This is Linda’s fourth straight placing! Wayne Shuff won centerfire with 25-12 and Mike Fulbright won carry with a 13-1.  Records are: RF Mike Musick 25-17; CF Wayne Shuff 25-13; Revolver Musick 25-16; and carry Musick 23-5.

Paper silhouette match (200-20X max) had some great scores as well.   Mike Musick SR (aka old ____) won rimfire with a 200-17; Shawn Maguire won centerfire with a 187-1; and Fred Seltman won carry with a 185-4.   Records are:  RF Musick 200-18; CF Musick 196-10; Revolver Musick 199-15; and carry Pete Smith 186-1

The Feb 14 match will be a first: 12 yard combo 20/60 pin and 22 paper silhouette.   Left side of range will be 22 silhouettes, right side will be pins.   The 22 silhouettes are UHMD urethane sheets precisely machined figures of chickens, turkeys, rams, and hogs.  Time segments will be the same as the pins, 5 targets in 10 or 20 seconds.   The 22 silhouettes are very easy to flip over, and all current records are 20 out of 20.   Categories are presently 22 auto open, 22 auto optic, and revolver.   This may change  that to 22 auto,  22 revolver, and 22 carry.   Feedback is invited.

There are still about 30 openings for the gun show.   Don Sharp says we need a lot more guard slots filled-These are the gate/door positions currently filled by $$$$ Lakeland Center employees.