8/2016: The new Skeet machines on the west field are installed, aimed, and operational. Here’s some basic info about the new set-up, which looks like this:


To make the machines operational, make sure that the window is open, that the power cord is plugged in (should be left that way), then turn the on/off switch to “on”, and turn the Arm/Disarm switch to “Arm”.

The old “pull cord” has been replaced by a wireless controller. The controller has no on/off switch. Pushing a button turns it on, and it turns off automatically. The buttons are self-explanatory. The unit is powered by a 9-volt battery, so if you want to use this controller on a regular basis, you might want to have a spare battery on hand.

The controller has “voice release” capability. This feature is activated automatically when the microphone is plugged in. The microphone should be attached to your clothing approximately 12 inches away from your face. In this mode, push whichever button you want, then when you make a sound, the target will be launched.

To shut the machines down, turn the switch to ”Disarm” then let it return to neutral, turn the “On/Off” switch to Off, re-load the carousel, then close the window.

Skeet Sequence Mode

The T4300A-V controller has the Skeet Sequence preloaded. This is designed for solo shooters to go out without a trapper for practice. To activate Skeet Sequence Mode, press and hold the Doubles button for 6 seconds until the Green Tx LED blinks rapidly. Be aware that while holding the Doubles button, the Green Tx LED will begin to blink after 4 seconds when it enters Lock On Mode. Continue to hold down the Doubles button until it blinks rapidly. The T4300A-V is now in Skeet Sequence Mode. When you are ready, call “Pull” in a normal tone of voice to fire a high house. The second call will release a low house and the third call will release a double. The T4300A-V is now ready for stand 2. Continue through the stands and the T4300A-V will launch the appropriate trap(s) in the sequence. At any time during the round, you may press any of the 3 buttons to throw the option bird. After the option bird is thrown, the unit will resume the skeet sequence. The T4300A-V will end the sequence after launching the low bird on Station 8. To throw a low 8 option, press the Low House button and call “pull”. To exit Skeet Sequence Mode at any time, press and hold the Doubles button until the Green Tx LED turns off