Shotgun League:  5-STAND Week 2

Hi all,

We had 40 rounds shot with a total of 16 league members and numerous practice founds. Mike Link and Ray Swilley shared high gun with 22’s. (Bill Campbell shot a 23 but it was for practice.) Mike Pitsikoulis worked his tail off to the point he did not post a score and Peter Germroth covered the evening for me. Thank you gentlemen.

 As some of you know, the 5-Stand Pavilion construction starts this Wednesday, so stop by to view the progress. All others stop by any time during the three to four weeks, depending on the promptness of the Permit guys.

See you Thursday,


P.S. Don’t forget the gun show at Sun ‘n Fun, January 19th & 20th.




Shotgun League – SKEET Week 8

Hi all,

The end of another league cycle with 21 rounds shot. 11 rounds were shot for practice with Mike Pitsikoulis shooting a 24 and Lash McCall shooting a 23 for league score. Gary Guarerra took first place when he finished up last week and waited around for things to go his way.

Congratulations, Gary.

Next week is the league fun shoot and party for the 13 league participants. I will be taking the rest of December off and we will resume league shooting on January 3, 2019 when we will shoot 5 Stand on the lighted skeet field.

On the new 5-Stand Pavilion, the contractor has applied for the permits and is now awaiting the process through the bureaucracy. Since it has to go through 7 or 8 different offices, it could 4 to 6 weeks before issue. Patience is a virtue, or so I am told.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all,







Shotgun League – SKEET Week 7

With good weather and light winds, 13 rounds were shot for score.  Gary Guarerra and George Kloiber shared high honors with 23’s. Week 8 is coming up, so those who need to do make-ups need to get there.
For those of you coming tomorrow, I’ll look forward to seeing you then. Mike Pits and Dave Schmidt worked today, so we only need to get the deck and post removed.

George Kloiber


Shotgun League – SKEET – Week 6

Hi all;

22 rounds were shot with 8 for score. John Mann and Gary Guarerra shared high honors with a score of 23. Please remember that next Thursday is Thanksgiving and there will be no league shoot. Also, please keep Peter Gantz’s family  in your thoughts and prayers. His grandson was in a serious auto accident Thursday afternoon. See you all in 2 weeks, November 29th.










9/20/18 Shotgun League – TRAP

First and foremost, I have changed service provider from Spectrum to Frontier. Spectrum turned off my email link before I got home from their store. It took me till last night to figure out how to link my Outlook to my new address. My new address is

Congratulations to Mike Pitsikoulis for being high gun in the league and also having the high score of 24 for the week.  Next Thursday will be the fun shoot and party for League Members only. We will start a new skeet cycle on Thursday, October 11th, so change your chokes to improved cylinder or skeet.

The Board of Directors has approved the recommendations of the Planning Committee for the new 5-Stand Pavilion. To all those who are members of LRPC, at the October 3rd meeting, the membership will vote to ratify proposal not to exceed $30,000.00. we need your presence to approve this expense. As in the November Mid-term election, we would appreciate your vote to move forward with this project. I will keep you informed of to progress of the build.

Thanks to all for the help in running this league,



7/12/18 Shotgun League – SKEET – FINAL


This closes out another cycle for the Shotgun League. I think all of us who participated had a good time and good comradery. With 34 total rounds this week and 21 for practice, this was one of the best cycles we have done. George Kloiber was high with a 25 straight and won the league. Todd Deliman came in second just .63 birds behind. Jim Odle was third and there was a 3 way tight for forth with Bill Campbell, Garry Guarrera and Lash McCall  all scoring 21.63 average. It was a tight race with only 1.5 birds separating first and forth places. I hope to see all the league signers Thursday the 10th for the fun night and party.

Thank you all,















Members – Remember to wear your badge at all times on the range.