Trap Shooting

We have two fields for Trap shooting. One is lighted and used primarily for Singles Trap; however it can be converted to Doubles if desired. The second field is normally set for Doubles and like the other field, it can be converted to Singles. The lighted course is open until 8:00 PM.

Skeet Shooting

We have two fields for Skeet shooting, one of which is lighted and permits shooting until closing (8:00 PM).

5 Stand Shooting

We have an excellent 5 Stand shooting field. The machines are all portable so they can be moved to totally change the character of the shooting. All traps are 12 volt with wireless controls, the one transmitter being pre-programmed for the round of targets. A manual mode to launch whatever targets are desired is also available.



We have several League shoots through the year. These are usually 8 weeks long, shot on Thursday evenings starting at 5PM. This is followed by a fun shoot, usually on the second Thursday after the league ends. It consists of some special shooting at 5PM. The leagues are informal and fun yet competitive.

Whatever your likes in shotgun shooting, we have it or are willing to try new ideas. Come out, meet the group and have fun. Cost for Trap and Skeet is $4.00 per 25 targets for members and $6.00 per 25 targets for non-member guests. $5 and $8 for Sporting Clays and 5-Stand. Please contact us for any questions.